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Copper Earthing Plate

Copper Earthing Plate

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Product Description

We provide high quality and highly reliable Copper Earthing Plate which plays an important role in the electrical safety of many commercial as well as residential buildings. Copper is widely used for this function as it is a very good conductor of electricity and can withstand high pressure on a regular basis. The plate is placed in a pit that is dug upto 2-3 meters, it is then connected to the respective electric set up using a copper conductor or cable. Further, our Copper Earthing Plate protects a building from lightning strikes by directing it through the earthing system and to the ground, as opposed to just running it through the structure.


  • It is a tried and tested method for testing.
  • It is available at pocket friendly prices with easy payment options.
  • We provide these products in different specifications according the the electrical setup of the client.
  • It is highly durable, and is sure to maintain functional capacity for a long time.